Netizens Claim EXO’s Kai Is Suffering Side Effects From Plastic Surgery

EXO's Kai Best Plastic Surgery Before and After The Same With The Other Members Of Exo Suho Is Also Famous For

7 Pictures of Netizens Claim EXO’s Kai Is Suffering Side Effects From Plastic Surgery June 2019

Netizens Claim EXO’s Kai Is Suffering Side Effects From Plastic Surgery

EXO-Ls are angry at a current post that claims EXO part is experiencing reactions of getting numerous plastic surgeries

Plastic surgery is a typical practice in South Korea particularly for symbols and big names who need to look great on the screen. Albeit plastic surgery has enhanced with the goal that normal individuals won’t have the capacity to differentiate, there are still clues that the training has been performed all over. Also, in different cases, numerous individuals experience the ill effects of reactions of misbehavior or an excessive amount of plastic surgery. Be that as it may, is this EXO part experiencing the symptoms also?

Initially posted on Pann, netizens guarantee EXO part Kai is experiencing symptoms of plastic surgery.

Titled “Symbol Who is Currently Suffering From Side Effects of Plastic Surgery,” here is the immediate interpretation of the post and remarks beneath.

“EXO Kai

Before make a big appearance, he had inward twofold eyelids, wrinkles around his eyes and an exceptionally round nose.

Examination after he got twofold eyelid surgery, eye extending surgery and nose silicon surgery. (Eyes and nose 100%)

Amid ‘Sing For You,” he turned out with glasses notwithstanding when his eyes are great

On the off chance that you look carefully, there is a wound on his correct eye that shows up when you get twofold eyelid surgery. I was stunned.

I’m not endeavoring to affront him but rather he truly got re-surgery on his eyes amid advancement..

Furthermore, after the swell turned out poorly, I figure he wore glasses for the advancement.

You can tell that the swell turned out poorly…

Hul yet did the surgery turn out badly.. There is a symptom;;

Because of the reactions, he couldn’t open his correct eye all the day and his eyes don’t coordinate any longer.. I feel awful T_T

Re-surgery reactions are terrifying.

I heard his scars on his eyes are bad to the point that his moniker now is Park Bom fellow variant.

The eyes’ sizes befuddle each other.

I was stunned that he really got a considerable measure of surgery;;; He was a surgery crack as well.

I realize that he may need increasingly and because of the reactions, shouldn’t he be fulfilled and stop here..?

+) I was experiencing the remarks and I saw somebody working in the plastic surgery healing center and asserted that it is genuine that his one eye isn’t opening because of symptoms of re-surgery haha That is startling.

I additionally heard that he couldn’t go to the U.S visit as a result of his symptoms and expected to get his re-surgery once more. Furthermore, in light of the fact that his timetable was amid that time, he couldn’t make it… Is this valid?


Koreaboo has gathered responses from Netizens who remarked on the first article from our Korean source. The beneath remarks are the most prevalent remarks at the season of this article being distributed.

[ +231/ – 12] EXO fans truly need to get this individual. Somebody asserted before his visa issue was truly in light of the fact that he carried out some wrongdoing. A few people truly are insane leaving vindictive remarks like a psycho in numerous posts; How much time does these individuals have in their grasp. In the wake of perceiving how this individual talks, I think it is a similar individual who is fixated on D.O. Since this individual is predictable, lets catch this and send it to SM

[ +227/ – 20] Glasses was on account of he had eye disease, quit spreading bits of gossip

[ +211/ – 16] Man this individual composed BS so long

[ +58/ – 88] This is so stunning hahahahaahahahahahahahahaahahahha

[ +57/ – 105] I’m an EXO-L yet I concede he got twofold eyelid surgery and nose surgery before make a big appearance yet he didn’t get resurgery

[ +50/ – 94] This is disillusioning.. I heard it is difficult to escape plastic surgery habit.. Kai? I trust he gets certainty all over

[ +30/ – 58] Why go this inconvenience when EXO fans as of now concede Kai’s plastic surgeries

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